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What's In A Bielinski Home?

Take a look at the details that make up a Bielinski home.

Builder reserves the right to make product substitutions or changes of equal or better quality without notice or obligation. Buyer upgrades may alter Green Built Certification.

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Building a Smart, Sustainable Home

One of the reasons we’ve been able to build homes in Wisconsin for so long is because we’ve always evolved our building practices to meet the needs of the age. And right now, people need smart, sustainable homes.

Smart home technology can not only help reduce energy usage and improve sustainability, but also make your home safer for you and your family.

Every new Bielinski home comes equipped with

  • A smart thermostat,

  • A video doorbell,

  • A smart front door lock, and

  • A smart garage door.

  • We also offer smart light switches as an upgrade.

  • Plus, as a closing gift, every new Bielinski homeowner receives a smart assistant device.

Bielinski is committed to building homes using sustainable materials and practices.

  • Our concrete foundations and footings use a minimum of 10% recycled content.

  • Our drywall uses a minimum of 80% recycled gypsum content.

  • And our carpet pads are 100% recycled content.

  • We’re a certified Green Builder with the Wisconsin Environmental Initiative’s Green Built Home program.

  • We also use lumber certified by the Sustainable Forest Initiative.

Learn more about how we build green and build smart in these blogs below.

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How We Build

The building process is long and complex, and our job is to make it easy for you. Here is a basic overview of some of the different structural phases of constructing a new home.


During excavation, we get your lot ready for home building by clearing out earth, rock, vegetation, and any other obstacles that could get in our way. You’ll see excavation crews using heavy machinery and other tools to make sure your lot is ready for construction.


After the lot is ready, we move on to the foundation. A strong foundation is the key to a home that will last a lifetime. That’s why Bielinski uses a minimum of 10% recycled, poured concrete with both horizontal and vertical rebar. We also incorporate a formed drain tile system to give you the long-term peace of mind that water won’t cause any future basement problems.


This is the phase when your home starts looking like a home. Rough carpenters are responsible for creating the frame, a wooden support system that makes up the floors, walls, and ceilings of your new home. We use engineered lumber that utilizes 50% less wood fiber than traditional lumber, making it stronger and more sustainable.



After the frame is finished, the roof is built. Our roofs come in a variety of styles. They’re covered with dimensional asphalt shingles, painted metal, and/or copper accents.


In this phase, we focus on the outside of your home. Bielinski uses vinyl or cement board siding. Vinyl is lightweight and easy to install, plus it is water repellent and won’t rust, dent, rot, or chip. Cement board is incredibly durable, fire-resistant, insect-resistant, and gives the appearance of natural siding material with less maintenance. Both options help seal your house from the outside elements, making it more energy-efficient in the hot summers and cold winters.

Site excavation




Rough Carpentry

Rough Carpentry


Siding and masonry

Siding & Masonry

Finished Home

Finished Home

  • When we rightsized from our home of 43 years to a Bielinski Condo in Bay Pointe, our New Home Consultant answered all of our questions and communicated with us the entire way. We’re fully enjoying our beautiful new home and the condo community.
    John and Jean Jones
  • I’ve been so impressed and completely satisfied with the entire Bielinski building experience. From the initial sale and throughout the construction process I have appreciated Bielinski’s professionalism, craftsmanship, and follow-through.
    Heidi Hamilton
  • We are extremely happy with our new Bielinski Condo. It’s well-built and full of all the features we wanted in our home.
    Deborah and Brian Blackney
  • We chose Bielinski because they are a family-owned business and have been building in the Pewaukee area for a long time. The Clemont floor plan is just perfect for all of our family events and Packer parties.
    Bob and Darla Landgren
  • We couldn’t be happier with our new home! The entire process was fantastic. Everyone was so responsive and quick to help. Bielinski’s knowledge of the industry was invaluable. We recommend Bielinski to anyone looking for their next home.
    Mike and Kristin Smith
  • We had a really good experience with Bielinski from start to finish. Everyone was responsive and reliable. Now we are enjoying life in our new home.
    Peter Holzwart and Therese Gaynor-Holzwart
  • Once I got settled in, I knew I was exactly where I belong. Without Bielinski’s knowledge and communication, I would still be questioning whether I should build at all. Thanks to the entire team that made this all possible.
    Barb King
  • We have just purchased our third Bielinski Home in the last 22 years, a Bielinski condo. We have found that Bielinski Homes builds quality homes for fair prices. The craftsmanship of construction and finishing is exceptional, plus they make the buying and building process easy with great customer experience. We would strongly recommend a Bielinski Home.
    Jerald and Jeanne Filut
  • We absolutely loved working with Bielinski Homes — the kindness and knowledge they shared sold us on wanting to move to our new neighborhood. We were worried about moving. But we had no doubts in our minds after speaking with our New Home Consultant about the community and the neighbors. We couldn’t be happier with our new home and new neighborhood.
    Amanda Latherow and Eric Lunderskov