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Please provide a narrative of the proposed Architectural Request below. Where applicable, please reference location, dimensions, color choice and materials. See below for additional information that is required in the narrative related to fence or shed request. Include a drawing that shows the location on your lot/land.*

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By typing our name(s) below, and submitting this application, I/We being the owner/s of the above referenced property located in the above referenced location, hereby apply to the Board of Directors for approval of the proposal described above. I/We:

1. Acknowledge that I/we have read the Declaration of Restrictions, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations which relate to the proposed request.

2. Understand that I/we shall retain a copy of the documents we are sending because the items submitted to the Architectural Control Committee will be retained for Association records and will not be returned to the applicant.

3. Understand that matters which require approval from the Architectural Control Committee may also require approval from the municipality and that approval of a request by the municipality does not constitute approval from the Architectural Control Committee and vice versa.

4. Understand that each request is handled on its own merits.

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