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April Inspo

Another month. Another great trend. We sat down with Bielinski Homes Interior Design Consultant Rebecca Wardon, and she walked us through an updated take on a nostalgic look that you should keep an eye out for in April.

What trend should we be keeping an eye on this month?

Brass is back! Why are you laughing? We’re serious.

It’s a thin line between trendy and dated, especially with brass. One way Rebecca likes to make sure that line is never crossed is by ditching the bold, polished brass of the 1980s for a more nuanced look: brushed brass.

“Brushed brass is much subtler than polished brass. It adds a lot of depth to a room without taking over the style.”

Rebecca also recommends pairing brushed brass with modern fixtures and hardware. “Ornate, bold fixtures in brass will feel old-fashioned, and you’ll lose the fresh feel that makes this look so great. Use sleek, modern styles instead to really get the most out of this trend.”

And this style isn’t specific to fixtures. Rebecca likes to play with brass furniture, even brass cutlery. “I have a side table I love with antique brass wire legs and a marble top.” A perfect combination of this month’s trend and last month’s trend.

Our style expert wants to remind us that we can’t force you to love brass, but to remember, “this isn’t the polished brass you grew up with.”

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    Barb King