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Home Finances

Does it ever feel like you need a PhD in economics to understand how to properly conduct your home finances? Well here’s a crash course to help you out.
A helpful thing you can do to feel comfortable and confident with your home finances is creating a budget. Start with the big obvious expenses like mortgage and insurance, but make sure you don’t ignore other costs, like home maintenance, HOA fees, and additional utility bills, to name a few.
A good way to make sure you aren’t forgetting anything in your budget is by talking to long-time homeowners in your area. They’ll know exactly what it costs to properly take care of your property and your home.
And to be extra sure you’re budgeting correctly, talk to a trusted local home builder like Bielinski Homes. Years of experience and close local ties not only give them a vast wealth of knowledge to educate new homeowners, but also the ability to give recommendations and tips that will leave you feeling financially safe and assured.
A responsible and comprehensive budget is a great start, but do you want to know the very best way to avoid being overwhelmed by home finance problems? Make sure your home is built well. A beautiful and thoughtfully built home will reduce your spending on renovations and maintenance over the years.
If that sounds like the kind of home you want to live in, give our Bielinski Homes’ experts a call.
  • Everyone that has come to visit is so impressed with the quality, layout and the style. We are extremely happy and eagerly await the next chapters of life in our beautiful new home. Thank you, Bielinski Homes!
    Janet Agnello
  • We fell in love with the open-concept floor plan of the Independence. We are very happy with our decision and look forward to the many memories we will make in our new home.
    Kyle & Jessica Ervin
  • We’ve been very happy with our experience with Bielinski Homes. Everyone involved in the purchase of our home was extremely helpful and went above and beyond to meet our needs. We love our new Bielinski Home!
    Billy & Amy Friess
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    Jay & Amie Humbert
  • We absolutely love our Bielinski home and have received so many compliments on the detail and beauty that it has to offer. We're so glad we chose Bielinski and want to thank the whole team for making the process exciting and fun at the same time. Cheers, and here's to many more family gatherings in our "forever" home!
    James & Peggy Osbourne