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Backyard Entertaining

Is there anything better than a great backyard party? Or more stressful than hosting it? Follow these easy tips and your next summer shindig will be the talk of the neighborhood, no sweat.


Make sure your get-together doesn’t falter before it even begins. Provide guests with clear instructions on what to bring, when to show up (and when to leave), what to wear, and anything else you deem pertinent party plans. Send out personalized cards for a charming invite, or use something as quick and easy as a Facebook group.

And remember, it’s a party, if someone shows up late or forgets their casserole at home, c’est la vie. A good host won’t let things like that get in the way of a good time.


One of the first things your guests will notice is the music. And the right soundtrack can turn a good time into a great time. Here are the three areas you need to focus on to curate a perfect playlist.
  • CONTENT: Arguably the most important aspect of DJing your backyard bacchanalia. Picking the perfect songs is tricky business. So stick to songs that everyone will recognize. Sure, that the Icelandic jazz-hip hop album you heard about online could score some artsy street cred, but does it really pair with burgers and brats? Think Beatles. Think Stones. Think Top 40. And know your audience. If kids are coming, make it kid friendly.
  • VOLUME: Music should act as a subtle garnish to bring out the best flavors of your celebration, not as the main course. So don’t overdo it. Your guests and neighbors will thank you (And we’re all about being good neighbors)
  • LENGTH: Make sure you’ve picked enough tunes for the entirety of the party. One or two might go unnoticed, but guests will start noticing if a song plays three or four times in a night.
  • GAMES: A good way to get party-goers to loosen up is with a good old fashioned lawn game. Nowadays you seldom see parties without bags set up. And for good reason. It’s fun and easy to play for kids and adults. A cool set of bags and boards are easy to DIY and design thematically to fit your party. If a rousing game of bags isn’t for you there’s always croquet, badminton, or bocce ball, to name a few.


Unfortunately, we Wisconsinites might feel resigned to being bit by buzzing bugs all season. And there’s no perfect way to keep pesky mosquitoes out of the party. But there are some preventative tips to make sure your guests are itching for the next party, not because of their bug bites.

Start by getting rid of any standing water. Mosquitoes can breed in relatively small amounts, so near-empty water cans, bird baths, etc. should all be drained and scrubbed.

Next, set up some small electric fans to oscillate over the yard. Mosquitoes are tiny bugs with tiny wings, and are weak flyers. Almost any little breeze is enough to keep them away. Those of you with covered patios can go one step further. Install permanent ceiling fans to keep air moving. Guests will stay cool and bite-free.

If your bug problem is still getting in the way of relaxing outside, it might be time to call in the big guns and schedule a pest control service to spray your yard before your next shindig.
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