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Is it Time to Build Your Own Place?

By Paul Bielinski

Building a home is a big moment in anyone’s life, but how do you know when that moment has arrived? Let us try and help you answer that question.


Unsure that it’s the right time to start building your own home? Here are some signs that it might be:

  • You’re tired of paying rent.
  • You want to invest in yourself.
  • You can’t find a used home you like.
  • You enjoy turning your vision into reality.
  • You prefer things exactly how you want them.
  • You like things to be state-of-the-art.
  • Your lifestyle has outgrown your living situation.

If any of these apply to you, your next step could be building.


Building a home is a big deal, so make sure you’re doing due diligence when getting prepared. Start by making sure you understand what you can afford by meeting with a lender. After you know what you can afford, visit model homes to figure out what you’d like in a floor plan. Armed with this knowledge you can narrow down your list of wants and needs according to your budget. Make sure your budget includes outside costs like temporary living while you’re in between homes. These are great first steps towards building your new home.


Based on your budget, any Bielinski home can work for a first-time builder, but here’s some advice for figuring out what is right for you.
First, it’s less expensive to build up than out. A two-story home will get you a better square-foot-price than a ranch. If you’re looking for more home for your money, a two-story plan is right for you.
Second, before you start making decisions, differentiate between what you need and what you want. Needs are often structural, and are harder (and sometimes impossible) to change down the road. Wants are often more flexible, and can be added to your home later. For instance, you’re a great home cook and you need a kitchen pantry for storage. You also want granite countertops, but are unsure if you can afford both. It would be incredibly difficult to add a kitchen pantry in the future, but very easy to switch laminate countertops for granite when you can afford it. So pick the floor plan with the pantry, and update your counters later. 


The building process is exactly that, a process. Processes can take time, and patience is a virtue. I know it’s hard to be patient after your selections have been made and you’re ready to get into your new home, especially as a first-time builder.
It’s not glamorous, so you hardly hear builders talking about it, but before ground is even broken plans need to be drawn, surveys have to be conducted, permits have to be pulled, and approvals must be obtained. Then, once construction starts, the rough stages fly by, and then everything appears to slow down again. I’ve personally built multiple homes of my own, and it always feels the same. The slow-down is an illusion. In reality, something is almost always happening on your new home. Once you make it through this apparent middle slump, the final stages will be done before you know it.
During this whole process, be aware that, as a general contractor, we’re organizing hundreds of trade employees. Communication is key. We have a great system in place, but small errors are bound to happen from time to time. Don’t believe any builder who tells you different. If an error happens, remember that it can and will be rectified. There’s nothing that we can’t fix or adjust, so try not to agonize over it. (I know, I know. Easier said than done.)
If all this has you ready to build your first home, we’d love to help you. Contact a New Homes Consultant here and get started today.

  • Everyone that has come to visit is so impressed with the quality, layout and the style. We are extremely happy and eagerly await the next chapters of life in our beautiful new home. Thank you, Bielinski Homes!
    Janet Agnello
  • We fell in love with the open-concept floor plan of the Independence. We are very happy with our decision and look forward to the many memories we will make in our new home.
    Kyle & Jessica Ervin
  • We’ve been very happy with our experience with Bielinski Homes. Everyone involved in the purchase of our home was extremely helpful and went above and beyond to meet our needs. We love our new Bielinski Home!
    Billy & Amy Friess
  • We built this home with a vision in hopes of expanding our family. The Bielinski staff provided us with top-notch customer service, and the entire process was seamless. We are beyond thrilled with our new home. We recommend Bielinski Homes to anyone looking to build!
    Jay & Amie Humbert
  • We absolutely love our Bielinski home and have received so many compliments on the detail and beauty that it has to offer. We're so glad we chose Bielinski and want to thank the whole team for making the process exciting and fun at the same time. Cheers, and here's to many more family gatherings in our "forever" home!
    James & Peggy Osbourne