Outdoor construction site of structure for green building

Eco-Friendly Features

Eco-friendly is more than a buzzword to us. It’s something we think about during every single step of our building process. Here are three areas where it really shows.   


Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. The three Rs. But enough about the letters. How about the numbers?
10% recycled content in our concrete foundations and footings.
90% recycled gypsum content in our drywall.
100% recycled content in our carpet pads.
And that’s just the start. We also reuse all waste lumber from framing. Plus, the raw materials used in our siding, soffit, and fascia can be up to 4x recycled.
After we’ve finished the building process we make sure that all drywall scrap debris, cardboard, scrap wood products, and whatever else remains onsite is properly recycled.


When it comes to choosing to materials perfect for both your home and the environment it’s all about working smarter.
We don’t use traditional dimensional lumber, but engineered lumber. Engineered wood products are stronger and use approximately 50% less wood fiber than traditional lumber.
In fact, all of our lumber used complies with the Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI) which promotes the sustainable growth and harvest of trees while protecting wildlife, plants, and soil and water quality.
We also use only water-based stains and finishes for interior millwork, doors, hardwood floors and cabinetry. Oil-based stains and finishes are high in toxicity and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which are released into the atmosphere.
We also make sure that our materials are locally sourced and manufactured as often as possible, cutting out miles and miles of transportation. Now that’s smart.


Our biggest goal when it comes to energy usage is building you a house that will run efficiently, especially when it comes to climate control. The best way to do this is by preventing air infiltration and other leaks that drive energy consumption up.

We utilize Weather Shield windows and patio doors that utilize thin layers of metallic oxide as well as an injected layer of argon gas that lowers heat transfer through the glass, while also blocking out harmful ultra violet rays.
When it comes to HVAC, efficiently saving energy is a necessity. Which is why both our Carrier 95 High Efficiency Furnace and our Carrier Puron Air Conditioner are Energy Star Rated.

Before completing the building process, we do a Blower Door test, a process that pressurizes the house to detect air leaks and drafts, which are then corrected.
So if you want to work with a home builder that does more than talk the talk, contact one of our home specialists today. And to learn more about our eco-friendly homes, you can start right here.