Outdoor construction site of a new home

Quality Craftsmanship in Homebuilding

We’re back with some home design inspiration. But this month we’re gonna skip the style and go straight to the substance. We sat down with Bielinski Homes COO, Steve Bielinski, to find out what quality craftsmanship really means.

What does Bielinski do that no other builder does?

One of the things we’ve learned after being in business for over 58 years, is that a strong, quality built foundation is the key to a home that will last a lifetime.

That’s why we choose to use both vertical and horizontal rebar in the foundation while other builders only use one or the other. We also use a formed drain tile system to help remove water from around and beneath your foundation. These added steps that we take ensure you don’t run into basement problems, now or in the years to come.

Sure, we could use “easier” techniques. But at Bielinski Homes, we realize that foundation repairs are difficult and expensive. We would make the right choice now instead of cutting corners and harming the customer in the long run.

Why is this better for the customer?

One of the benefits that a customer receives from Bielinski is peace of mind. The customer can always be confident knowing that we took the added precautions with their foundation.

How do your local relationships allow you to build better homes?

Wanna hear something amazing? Many of the subcontractors that we use today are the same subcontractors that we used 40 to 50 years ago.

For example, Bielinski Homes’ plumbing contractor has been working with us for over 45 years. Some of Bielinski Homes’ rough and finish carpenter contractors are now on their third generation of family members working with Bielinski Homes.

These decades-long relationships with local businesses show how important hard work and loyalty are to our own family operation. Plus, these close partnerships allow us to source the best materials and labor for the best prices from people we trust.

Now tell us you’re not inspired to build your dream home after reading that! If you’re wondering where to begin, or want more information about what else makes the Bielinski building process so great, contact us right here.