How does Bielinski Build Efficiently?

How can Bielinski Homes build such well-crafted, affordable homes without cutting corners? It’s all about efficiency. Here are two examples of areas in our design process where we reduce on building waste and therefore home cost.


Framing is something that we do a little bit differently here at Bielinski. Every single exterior wall built uses a solid 2’x6’ stud wall at 16” on center with oriented strand board (OSB) sheathing. We then try to make all of our floor plan widths in even measurements to match the measurements of the framing material and OSB sheathing. Now, that might sound pretty technical, but it’s a really simple concept. We build our homes to closely match the measurements that home building materials come in. When your plan measurements match your material measurements, you can use the entire product with little to no waste. And, in home building, wasted materials is wasted money.


It’s not just framing where the correct measurements can eliminate excess material waste. It’s also in the dimensions of the rooms themselves. Since most flooring materials come in standard sizes, it makes sense for us to design rooms proportionately. For example, carpeting typically comes in 12’ long rolls, so making a room 13’ wide forces us to buy additional carpeting which we have to seam and split it to fit that room. By making a room 12’ wide, it allows us to install a seamless piece of carpeting and cut down on cost and material waste. It all comes down to our home design. The time, care, and thought we put into our homemade floor plans is what sets us apart. By designing all of our floor plans right here in-house, we can control the details and deliver our customers incredible craftsmanship at an affordable price by reducing material waste. If you’re looking to build and want to see some of our homemade plans, click here. And if you’re interested in learning more about how our building techniques help create value for our customers, talk to a Bielinski New Home Consultant today.