How Your Lot Grade Helps Shape Your Home

The home you build is influenced by the land you build it on. Different lot types call for different foundations and exposures. Here are three different types of lots and how they will affect your home design.


A flat lot is the most straightforward choice. When building on a flat lot your entire foundation will be underground. This lot type is great for your budget because you don’t have to worry about adding windows, doors or additional siding.   Keep in mind that if you do plan on finishing your lower level with bedrooms, you will be required to include egress windows to allow direct exits from the basement to the outdoors. 


If you want some minimal grade transitions on your lot, some exposure of the foundation might be necessary. This foundation is typically called a 4/0 exposed basement or a look-out basement. This type of exposure easily lends itself to a finished lower level since you already have windows and won’t need to install egresses. This lot type will generally be slightly more expensive than a flat lot, especially since you most likely would include a deck off the main floor of the home. 


A lot with a steeper grade transition is perfect if you’re looking for a full exposure foundation with a walk-out basement for easy access to the yard. This will be the most expensive foundation option since you will be adding multiple windows and doors as well as a main level deck or even a lower level patio area, but it’s a great option if you want a fully finished basement.  

It’s important to know how your lot will affect the building process. Whether you already own land or are on the hunt for the perfect lot, you can count on Bielinski Homes to perform a lot evaluation to determine what home design would work best for you. Contact us today to learn more about building on your own lot.