Bielinski Homes exterior view showcasing front porch design

A Few Front Porch Design Tips

You only get one chance to make a first impression. So make it a good one with some seasonal styling for your front porch. Here is some inspiration to bring summer to the entrance of your home.


And it doesn’t have to be alive to bring some life to your home. There’s no need to be ashamed of using fake plants to brighten up the entrance. In fact, I usually have a mixture of fake flowers and real flowers that I use to decorate. The upkeep is way easier, and no one has to know (except all of you readers, I guess).


A front entrance is also the perfect place to establish a look for the rest of your home. By marrying your front porch style to your interior style, you create a flowing design that feels completely unified and welcomes guests into your home. Using similar colors or materials on your porch as you do inside your home is an easy way to create this unity. 


Layer up? In the middle of summer? Well we’re not talking about your wardrobe. One trend that I’ve been seeing a lot of is layering floor pieces on the front porch. Specifically, welcome mats layered on outdoor rugs. This look can add a lot of depth to a small space like a front porch.

Wisconsin summer’s are hard to beat. Everything has come back to life after a winter of bare trees and snow. Celebrate this time of year by bringing vibrancy to your doorstep. Seasonal flowers and greenery are great ways to instantly say, “summer!” A great way to begin styling your front porch is with a trip to your local garden center to browse their perennials.

Closeup of a welcome mat


The front porch is a great place to try something new. Since front porch style is often seasonal, it’s much more temporary. So don’t be afraid to do something bold. A patterned rug or a bright color. As long as it feels summery, it’s hard to go wrong.

Looking for a new front porch this summer? Talk to a Bielinski New Home Consultant today and get started.