Modern Prairie interior design

How to Style Series: Modern Prairie

When I begin to select products in a home, I take a lot of inspiration from the exterior design. Certain looks just work with certain home styles. In this series of blogs, I’ll be explaining how I would go about product selection for different styles of homes. This month we’re going to focus on the Modern Prairie.


The Modern Prairie style is all about being clean and streamlined. There’s no fluff, just pure design. Modern Prairie homes often focus on horizontal lines, which is why you’ll often see high stone beltlines around the exterior and low pitch roofs. Modern Prairie is synonymous with the work of Wisconsin’s own Frank Lloyd Wright, and has deep roots in the midwest.


When designing a Modern Prairie home, it’s best to keep it simple.

On the exterior we’d use a dark gray siding with black windows and a black roof. We’d then set off those dark choices with warm natural wood accents on the garage door, front door, and the porch posts. All in all we don’t want to make too many statements and let the iconic shape and flow of the home’s exterior do most of the talking.

Inside the home we’ll bring in those accent tones from the exterior with flat, natural cabinets and a natural floor. We’d choose white countertops in a traditional marble style. The backsplash would also be white, but by using a tile pattern, like a stacked subway design, we can break up the white-on-white with texture. Bold black features like light fixtures, hardware, and faucets will help stand out against the white and natural tones. And just like the exterior, we want to keep things simple.

Using this combination of natural, white, and black throughout the home in different combinations. For instance, the bathrooms could have black counters with white marble floors and natural accents.

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