The Sophia Plan Floor Plan

Our Most Popular Floor Plan

Our most popular floor plan has gone by many different names over the years: The Shorewood, The Sagamore, The Clemont, and now, The Sophia. There have been improvements made and features added along the way, but it’s always been the same fundamental layout. Here’s why The Sophia is such a hit, how it has influenced our building practices, and a glimpse into what’s next.


Bielinski Homes Great Room

The open concept is what really makes The Sophia so popular. You often hear people saying that open-concept homes are all the same. To that, I say, “Au contraire, mon frère.” 

The Sophia features a three-room open-concept floor plan including the great room, dining room, and kitchen, with a big emphasis on the kitchen. The great room and living room are set side-by-side with no dividing walls. The kitchen is open to both of these rooms as well, with a casual snack bar and plenty of storage space. All of this makes The Sophia flexible and functional for the modern family. 


Bielinski Homes Kitchen

The popularity of The Sophia has inspired changes to other homes and impacted our floor plan design. We’ve taken many elements of The Sophia and integrated them into existing plans and used them in new ones. 

Many elements in other floor plans are similar to The Sophia floor plan, especially in the kitchen. We’re now creating larger kitchen islands with interesting seating configurations. We’ve also come to understand that additional counter space and kitchen cabinetry are a big priority for folks building homes. 


Several of our newer floor plans are gaining popularity. One of the main reasons is because of their home offices and dedicated workspaces. With so many people working and schooling from home nowadays, a home workspace has become almost a necessity. As the need for these new spaces grows and lifestyles become more casual, floor plans that feature fewer formal spaces, like dining rooms, and more workspaces are becoming more popular. 

If you’re interested in learning about what makes The Sophia so great or finding another popular  Bielinski floor plan that’s right for you, talk to a New Home Consultant today