Why Us?

1. A new home is, well, new.

New appliances, new countertops, new floors, new windows, new cabinets, new roof, new furnace, new everything. Moving into a new home means you don’t have to deal with the worries that come with a used home.No one wants the first thing they have to deal with in their new home to be costly remodels and replacements. By building a new home or buying RediHome, you and your family know that you’ve invested in quality craftsmanship that will last.

2. When buying a used home, it’s unlikely you’ll get exactly what you want.

By building a new Bielinski home, you have control over everything from floor plans to fixtures. Which means that your new home will be perfect for your family and all of your unique needs

3. It’s the perfect setting for writing your family’s story.

Every memory you’ll be making in your new Bielinski home is yours and yours alone. Because it was designed just for you, not for another family, decades ago.