The Truth About Building in Winter

Construction is a year-round process. There is never a break in the business of building. But what happens during those pesky, unpredictable winter months?  


When it comes to constructing homes, we absolutely work all winter long. Basements are still excavated, foundations are poured, and framework is continuously set in place. The process slows down a bit during inclement weather, but there is always progress being made — and work being done.  


Although not by much, the process takes a little longer due to the fickle weather. This is partially due to fragile materials.  In the cold, siding and roofing become more sensitive and must be handled with care — as our team ensures. To keep the process on track, concrete foundation walls are poured with stabilization additives to prevent freezing. Conjunctively, blankets are wrapped around the foundation walls, assisting in an even curing time.  These extra precautions add up to extra costs. But we want you to be sure that none of the building costs associated with winter construction are passed on to you. Our prices are the same no matter what season it is.    


We guarantee the same high-quality homes year-round. A home built in winter and a home built in summer are going to be exactly the same.  Building in winter does have its benefits, though. One benefit of winter builds is due to the lack of moisture in the winter air –– and less moisture in the lumber. This impacts the overall build, making drywall less likely to crack and siding more likely to lay straight and true.  Overall, the seasonal preference is up to you. But, even if the process is a bit weather-dependent, the product isn’t. The promise of a home built for life isn’t seasonal.  With this new information, why wait? Get one step closer to building your dream home by talking to a New Home Consultant today.