There’s No Time to Build Like Now

Is the market making you rethink your plans to get into a new home? Don’t wait too long.


Folks who want to wait are bound to fall behind. The pricing of housing is going nowhere but up. With future material costs on the rise and interest rates decreasing, there really is no time to build like now.By holding out for lower prices, you’re sabotaging your journey to create your budget-friendly dream home.


Interest rates are at an all-time low. And low interest rates are great for home buyers. It’s cheap money! We were amazed when rates were at 6% and even more blown away when that dropped to 5%.But as of the publishing of this article, the average interest rate is around 3.3%. It’s phenomenal! And, some people are getting loans for even less. This is one of the best times to take out a loan you will ever see. Take advantage while you can.


For many homeowners, their main concern is time. But with supply chain issues and labor shortages, homes are taking a bit longer to complete than usual. Now more than ever it’s important to choose an experienced builder that you can trust.And a little patience can go a long way. People expect to see someone constantly working on their homes. But sometimes you’ll drive by your lot and not see anyone there. Be assured that even when workers are not visible, your home is not being ignored. We are always working on progressing your new home forward.If moving into a new home right away is still your priority, Bielinski RediHomes® are always an option.A hot market and low interest rates make now the right time to take a step toward your next home today.