After reading this blog, creating the perfect guest room will be easy. Finding the perfect guest? Not so much. 


The first thing your guests are going to want to do is unpack. But how can they settle in if the guest bedroom closet is full of old suits, and never-worn sweaters?

Make sure that your guests have enough space to unpack and organize their clothes and gear by emptying drawers, dressers, and closets before your friends or family arrive.


Keeping in touch while traveling nowadays doesn’t mean sending a postcard. And entertaining yourself en route no longer means picking up a Danielle Steel paperback in the bus depot or airport. No, nowadays people travel with their tech.
Phones. Tablets. Game systems. Laptops. You name it. And all of those things need to be charged. So, to save your guests the trouble of packing (and inevitably untangling) fourteen different cables, go out and purchase a multi-device charging station.


There’s something about packing for a trip that makes sharp people turn into airheads. So providing toothpaste, soap, shampoo, and other toiletries will be a most welcome sight after your friend from college realizes they left their Dopp Kit sitting on their bathroom counter.


The goal of the perfect guest room is to create a comfortable space where your visitor never feels like they’re imposing or unwelcome. A great way to do this is by anticipating needs and providing them before your guest even has to ask.
Extra bed sheets, blankets, and pillows, for instance, will mean your guest sleeps comfortably without bothering you to raid the linen closet.
Providing fresh towels is another great way for guests to feel right at home, in your home.
If you’re looking for a home that everyone will want to visit, start right here.