Holiday Home Decorations

The holidays are right around the corner and we are already feeling jolly. But sometimes decorating can feel more like a chore than a celebration. Here are some simple tips for holiday decorating for a headache-free holiday season.


You might think you have to go all out to really celebrate the season, but sometimes it just takes a few little details to make your home festive.

An easy way to bring that holiday feeling inside is with a little bit of outside. You can fill some vases with seasonal greenery like evergreen branches or holly. You could also incorporate branches, pinecones, and twigs with seasonal ribbons and lights to create the perfect mantle or tablescape.

On the exterior of your home, it can be as easy as hanging a wreath on the front door or adding a festive plank sign on your front porch. Decorations don’t need to be big to impress, sometimes it’s just about the small things. Check out our holiday Pinterest board if you need inspiration.


Not to sound like a scrooge, but it’s easy for holiday decorations to turn into holiday clutter. It’s probably fun for guests, but remember, you’re the one who has to live there! So use your space wisely and avoid the festive mess. Decorate with items and colors that match your everyday décor, and try to avoid hazards like too many lights or candles and ornaments that your beloved pet or little one is just going to get into.

Over-decorating might seem innocent enough, but a single overloaded power strip or an improperly secured outdoor ornament on a windy day can put your home in danger. That’s why I like to keep things fun, simple, and safe.


For me, it’s a whole weekend. I love the holidays and over the years I’ve collected little decorations that I spread throughout my home. Decorating the tree is probably my favorite. I’ve created a nice eclectic theme and try and incorporate a few new ornaments every year. Really I just love putting on some comfy clothes, turning up the Christmas music, and decorating.

If you’re looking for some more holiday inspo, head over to our Pinterest board.