Thinking Outside the Home

After a cold winter of isolation, virtual schooling, and working remotely, we’ve all grown much more intimate with every single inch of our homes. But as spring arrives and the weather changes, a whole new world opens up to us again: outside. Here are some benefits of having an outdoor living space, as well as the ways Bielinski plans are designed to make the most of your outdoor space.


One takeaway from the past twelve months is that no matter how much you love your home (and the people in it), we all need a getaway every now and then. And with vacation plans interrupted, restaurants closed, and events canceled, those getaways have become harder and harder to come by.

But with an outdoor living space, your next retreat can be found just a few steps away. Sitting outside with a good book, taking in the sun on the back deck, or just scrolling through your phone on the patio are all easy ways to take some time to yourself and recharge your batteries.


If there’s one thing a Wisconsinite appreciates, it’s good weather. We all just came out of yet another season of heavy snowfall, sub-zero temperatures, and 4:30 sunsets, so you can bet that we’re going to make the most of spring, summer, and fall.And we’re not just talking about the sunny days. Our covered deck at my home means you can find us grilling in the rain or taking in a summer thunderstorm with a glass of lemonade in hand. We deal with too much bad weather in Wisconsin to let the good weather pass, and an outdoor living space allows you to really enjoy the outdoors while you can.


If your plan isn’t designed to accommodate a patio or a deck, then your outdoor living space is always going to feel like an afterthought. When we design our Bielinski floor plans, we make sure to create unity between your outdoor and indoor spaces.

For instance, some of our new plans include an enormous 12-foot, four-panel doorway. By expanding that gateway, the barrier between your outdoor and indoor living spaces disappears and your floor plan becomes much more cohesive. If you’re interested in a home that makes the most of the outside as well as the inside, talk to a Bielinski New Home Consultant today.