3 Home Design Choices for Entertaining

When you’re entertaining, you already have enough on your plate without your home working against you. Bielinski homes are designed to make your life easier every day, including days when you’re playing host. Here are three ways how.


It’s a universal truth that if you’re hosting, everyone is going to gather in the kitchen. I remember before open-concept homes were the norm, a dinner party would involve every single guest standing around in the kitchen, blocking drawers and seldom lending a hand.

But with an open-concept plan, your main living rooms are all connected, making it easy for you to finish up a few things in the kitchen while your guests lounge in the great room or snack at the island snack bar, all while keeping involved in the conversation.


We’ve talked before about how formal spaces are disappearing from modern homes. But formality is disappearing when it comes to entertaining as well. So gone are the days of the traditional roast in the dining room with the boss and their partner. Life has become much more casual and flexible, and in order to keep your parties or dinners that way, you need a home that cooperates.

When we entertain, we like to move around. Start with a charcuterie board on the island snack bar, move to the dining area for a meal and finish the night on the patio or great room. A floor plan that flows from room to room allows all of this to feel exciting and natural A


Recently we discussed some aspects of kitchen design that can make life easier as a cook. And a lot of those apply to entertaining as well. Things like counter space and pots-and-pans drawers can keep clutter away from your guests, even if you’re still cooking in front of them.

But there are more nuanced design tricks that we employ in Bielinski homes as well. Have you ever given any thought to how wide the space is in between your counters? Because we have. At a very minimum, we include 3’6” of space from cabinet to cabinet. And in our premiere homes, that width moves all the way up to 4’. No more traffic jams in the kitchen while you’re trying to get the first course served.

We put a lot of thought into designing our floor plans. See for yourself by taking a virtual tour today.