Three Thoughts on Fireplaces

With the mercury falling fast and the holidays upon us, there’s no better place to warm up than by the fireplace. So we felt it was the perfect time to talk about them! Sit back, and enjoy these thoughts on choosing the right fireplace, incorporating the latest trends, and styling it to perfection.


The first choice you need to make when selecting a fireplace is basic design. And it really comes down to two options. Would you like something more traditional? Or are you looking for a sleeker, modern design?

For a traditional fireplace, a three-piece surround is the way to go. This is the type of fireplace that includes a wood surround that comes off the wall. It’s a familiar look, but we like to add a bit of character to our three-piece surround fireplace by adding in a tile selection around the fireplace unit, bringing a subtle pop of character that can be a great complement to a traditional or transitional home.

For something more modern, a flush design is the way to go. These come in both half-wall and full-wall styles, with a box mantle above. This type of fireplace is very much on-trend, and the wall can be outfitted in either stone or tile.


Did we say tile? Because tile is in. Very in. For a couple of different reasons. First, running horizontal or vertical tile around your fireplace can create a sense of depth or height in a room. And second, a full or half tile wall becomes a focal piece.

Since a tile wall is already a bit of a statement in itself, it’s best to choose a neutral tile in either a lighter shade than the wall color, or a darker shade to add contrast. Both will really stand out and bring that wow factor, but will also easily pair with other style themes throughout your home.

Another trend we’re seeing many customers lean toward is getting rid of the mantle entirely. Ditching the mantle doubles down on a modern look that revolves around simplification and clean lines.


And clean is the name of the game when styling around your fireplace as well. In the past we’d often see a lot of layering and décor on the fireplace mantle. But now the pendulum has swung back and simplicity is the style.

When styling, stick with only a handful of pieces. Maybe a large mirror or a piece of art flanked by a candelabra or a plant. Modern fireplaces are already the focal point of a room, and adding décor will only dilute your design and clutter the look.

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