Bielinski Homes team group photo

Welcome to Bielinski Homes

We here at Bielinski Homes pride ourselves on our innovative designs, meticulous craftsmanship, and dedication to our craft.

But, Bielinski Homes is about more than just homes. We value community. Whether it be the big picture or the culture we build within our business walls, we care about creating an inviting and warm environment.

We aim to be a business that employees can trust — one where people feel valued and are encouraged to grow.

So what is it that people love about Bielinski Homes? Let’s ask the professionals.


Bielinski Homes cultivates a goal-oriented, client-focused environment centered on working collaboratively to create our customers’ dream homes. What makes this possible is the cooperative atmosphere.

New Home Consultant Donna Scale mentioned, “I love the teamwork at Bielinski Homes. Whether it’s working with my coworkers or working with customers, there’s always a sense of togetherness.”

As a team, we work to make sure we are constantly producing the best homes on the market. We pride ourselves on innovation and creativity.

Assistant Property Manager Jackie Brown also put the Bielinski Homes culture into a great personal perspective when she said, “I love working in a dynamic environment with a team that both nurtures and challenges me.”

The collaborative nature of our team allows us to challenge ourselves and keep making the homes we are proud of.


For others, Bielinski Homes’ extensive background is what drew them in. The story started with two brothers who owned a carpenter contractor business, and it slowly evolved into becoming one of the largest builders in the area. Now, Bielinski Homes is over 60 years strong and plans to keep up that stride.

This impressive history was a huge attraction for Construction Manager Glenn Labarbera. “When looking for a new career, I’ve always looked at a company’s history and longevity. Over 60 years is a long time for a builder, so I knew that Bielinski Homes was doing something right.”

Bielinski Homes doesn’t just have an intriguing past, but we also promise a bright future. With a plethora of experience and a dedication to treating our employees with care, we curate a secure and trustworthy atmosphere.


Bielinski Homes gives employees the opportunity to grow, not only professionally, but personally as well.

Take Pre-Construction Coordinator Stacy Kusel’s story, for instance. “After being a stay-at-home mom for 12 years, I was hired by Bielinski Homes as a receptionist,” Kusel said. “After learning and taking on new responsibilities, I moved to the warranty department, and eventually to my current position as a Pre-Construction Coordinator, where I continue to learn every single day.”

Bielinski Homes wants nothing more than to provide an environment where employees feel safe, challenged, and like they belong. Built on family, we value anyone who joins our team, and we show that through opportunities to expand and grow.

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