Modern home office space with black wall shelves

Three Tips for Creating the Ideal Home Office Space

Home office spaces are no longer an afterthought. They’re not just a spare bedroom with a desk shoved in it.

Home office spaces have become part of the floor plan. And with the added touch of purposefulness, it’s important you tailor your home office to your needs.

1. Fuel Your Energy

The first step to creating your ideal home office is paying attention to your energy. Stay in tune with what you need.

If your work is full of life, a constant stream of projects, or a little hectic, consider keeping it light and bright. This is a sophisticated but natural approach that consists of high-contrast black and white. It’s easy to mix in neutrals, varied artwork and vases, plant life, and dark wood tones. All of which come together to create a calming environment.

Light bright modern home office

If you’re looking for a darker or moodier approach, consider using a splash of Sherwin-Williams’ Urbane Bronze on your walls. This dark and warm, neutral tone adds sophisticated tranquility to any space — and we all need a little tranquility these days.

Dark moody home office

Want to create a more dynamic environment? Pops of bright color — whether it’s on your walls or through furniture — bring a sense of vibrancy to your home office. This gives you the energy you need, without distracting from your work. You can add large statement artwork, an expressive standing lamp, or a fun wallpaper.

Also consider what the backdrop of your desk will look like. This is what others will see when video chatting with you, so make sure it says something about who you are.

Home office with pops of color

2. Design for Function

It’s easy to get swept up in current trends. But, design isn’t all about beauty. Since you’ll be spending a lot of time in your office, it’s key to focus on function.

Start with your desk. Look for something that has enough storage space — do you need space for documents? Can you comfortably display pens? Is there space to store supplies you don’t use everyday?

These are all things to consider. Also think about how you want to work at your desk. Height plays a large part in choosing the right desk. Consider if you’ll be sitting in a desk chair or on a yoga ball. Maybe you want a standing desk. Your options are limitless, so pick what works best for your needs.

3. Get Comfy

If you’re going to spend about eight hours a day in your home office, comfort is a top priority.

Office chairs are an easy way to ensure comfort in your office space. Focusing on an ergonomic desk chair is essential. With the proper lumbar support and adjustable settings, you’ll make the most of your work day without sacrificing your posture and health.

But just because they’re practical doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Ergonomic chairs come in a variety of colors, fabrics, materials, and sizes.

If you need a comfy place to sit while reading documents or scrolling through your phone, add a chaise longue or sleeper sofa. This is another place where you can get creative – pick a fun color or pattern. Choosing a sleeper sofa can also turn your office into an additional guest bedroom if the need ever arises.

Go for soft fabrics, thick cushions, or something with a dual purpose to add style and ease.

Don’t let your home office be boring. Express yourself, hone your energy, and put your needs first. Get inspired today.