Bielinski Homes Owners Retreat Master Bedroom

When Does a Bedroom Become a Retreat?

The owner’s retreat sounds like just a fancy way to say master bedroom. So what sets a Bielinski owner’s retreat apart?


Everyone’s familiar with the typical master bedroom. Usually it’s the largest bedroom in the home, and sometimes it even has an attached bathroom. An owner’s retreat is more. Much more. It’s an exclusive area for you to call your own. It’s spacious, bright, and inviting, often tucked away from the other bedrooms in your home. We’re talking walk-in closets, en suite bathrooms, and even sitting rooms. Owner’s retreats are just that, a retreat.

Bielinski Homes Master Bathroom
Bielinski owner’s retreats feature en suite bathrooms.


Bielinski owner’s retreats share some special qualities that make them more than just another bedroom. One of the first things you might notice when walking into a retreat is the size. Every owner’s retreat is spacious, and some plans even have space for your own separate sitting area. Owner’s retreats also often boast volume ceilings. Volume ceilings are very on-trend, and make the large space feel even larger. You’ll probably also notice all the natural light from the many windows. Plus, every single Bielinski owner’s retreat has a large walk-in closet and an en suite bathroom.

Bielinski Homes Sitting Room
This Bielinski owner’s retreats features a separate sitting area.


With all that space and all those amenities, there’s a lot you can do to take your owner’s retreat to the next level. Personalize it with photo and art. Add an eye-catching statement wall with paint or texture. Set up your sitting area for relaxation, with comfy blankets, luxurious throws, and soft pillows. Turn your bathroom into a spa with shower and bath upgrades, or just buy a really nice robe. It’s important for your health to have a place where can get away from your hectic life to decompress for a minute, and the owner’s retreat is perfect for that. 

Looking for your own owner’s retreat? Or just looking to become an owner? Check out our floor plans here, or talk to a New Home Consultant today.