Bielinski Homes Mudroom

The Modern Mudroom

We often see mudrooms on our customers’ wish lists when they come through our doors. For good reason, the mudroom has become a staple in modern home building designs. But the room’s beginnings were far less glamorous than the mudrooms we offer today. Here’s some information on the past, present, and future of mudrooms.


The mudroom originated as a small vestibule off the back of the home. In days when roads were often unpaved, it was a place where families could store dirty clothing, tools, and other gear before coming back into the house.
This small addition would contain the dirt and grime in the mudroom and keep the rest of the house clean. But it wasn’t much more than a small closet. It wasn’t until much later that the mudroom evolved into more than that.


The small vestibule grew over the years, and today’s mudrooms are a far cry from the originals. In general, the modern mudroom is now a much larger space between the garage and the rest of the home. This extra space is often used to accommodate laundry appliances and extra storage like closets, bench, coat hooks, cabinets, and cubbies. It has become the most common entryway for the home in daily life, and a great place to store backpacks, athletic gear, gardening tools, shoes, and more.
Our Bielinski mudrooms vary in size due to the configuration of the floor plan. For instance, the Harmony Series offers a mudroom bench with coat hooks and shelf for storage and the Premiere Series will offer a locker-style bench with cabinetry and cubbies.


Mudrooms will continue to evolve. One way that I see mudrooms changing is becoming more tailored for home deliveries. Now that we’re all spending a lot of time at home ordering products and groceries online, we’ve noticed that there’s not always a great area to process those deliveries.
As online shopping and home delivery becomes more prominent, mudrooms will evolve to allow you to breakdown boxes, unpack shipments, and prepare returns, with storage for tape, scissors, box cutters, and other related items.

If a mudroom is on your wish list for your next home, contact us today to find the right Bielinski-designed floor plan for your life.