Coffered ceiling in a great room

Raise the Bar with Coffered Ceilings

Want to take your new home’s design to new heights? Try a coffered ceiling. Don’t know what that is? Read on to learn more about what a coffered ceiling is, why you should love it, and more.


Coffered ceiling in a master bedroom

A coffered ceiling is an upward indentation or a series of indentations in the ceiling giving a room more height. Coffers can come in different shapes and sizes, but generally mirror the shape of the room, only slightly smaller. A coffered ceiling can be made in the same material as the rest of the ceiling and painted the same color, or they can be accented with a different color of paint or materials like wood planks, tile, or crown molding. 


Coffered ceilings are built right into the trusses of your home. The trusses are part of the framing that holds up the roof of a home. For this reason, coffered ceilings, while fine anywhere in a ranch, are generally reserved for the upstairs in a two-story home. Technically they can be built on the first story, but the room would have to be down-framed to achieve it. Down framing basically lowers parts of a ceiling to create the illusion of a coffered ceiling without giving you the added height. 


Coffered ceiling in a great room

Many people choose coffered ceilings because they are an inexpensive feature that can be easily added to a new home to create visual interest and expand the size of a room vertically. If you plan on finishing your coffered ceiling with different materials, the price can increase, but generally, this is a budget-friendly way to turn a room into something a little more special. 

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