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Exterior Home Design Trends for the New Year

The start of a new year is the perfect time to look into the future and think about what the next 12 months have in store for us. So whether you’re building a new home this year or just planning on repainting the home you have, here are the new exterior home design trends to look out for 2021.


While the new year is looking hopeful, new exterior trends sure are getting dark. We’re seeing more and more customers move away from lighter exterior colors and toward bold combinations and deep hues. Black exteriors, for example, are becoming a more common sight. It’s an eye-catching and sophisticated look that will definitely set your home apart. 

If black isn’t your style but you’re still looking to go dark there are plenty of options for you. For a cooler color, try James Hardie’s Deep Ocean

For an elegant choice, go for Iron Gray

And for something distinctive, Countrylane Red

And remember that with your exterior, there’s a fine line between bold and overwhelming. It’s important to visually break up your exterior with different accents like stonework, trim, windows, porches, and garage doors or your house might start to look too dark and one-dimensional.


Your garage door takes up so much visual space on your home’s exterior and folks are starting to take advantage of it. Introducing the statement garage door. Using bold colors and finishes can take your garage door from hidden in plain sight to an incredible design addition to your home’s exterior.

Originally we’d see wood tone garage doors in traditional finishes, like mahogany. Now we’re seeing much lighter finishes like blonde and darker finishes like black wood tones. These not only bring a natural element to your home’s exterior but also make use of space that used to be ignored. 

And you don’t have to go for a wood tone to go bold on your garage door. A solid color like black or brown can also do the trick and can be a much more cost-effective way of producing that bold statement you’re looking for. 


Home exterior styles are constantly evolving as time goes on. Sometimes that means an update to a classic design. Sometimes that means combining two distinct styles into a new hybrid look. Here are three styles to keep on your radar in 2021.

1. Transitional style is an excellent example of evolution in design. Transitional style takes the familiar elegance of classic designs while adding in contemporary touches like straight lines and modern materials. Transitional is truly a “best of both worlds” style, which is what makes it so appealing.  

Bielinski Homes Sophia 1801 Plan, Transitional Style

2. Americana houses have made a big comeback recently and are here to stay in 2021. Americana is a casual and comfortable design, think of it as a modern farmhouse style. Accents of vertical siding and little to no stonework make this look unique. 

Bielinski Homes Arielle 2500 Plan, Americana Style

3. Modern Prairie has become another new trend that we’re seeing with customers. Revolutionized by Wisconsin’s own Frank Lloyd Wright, this style has roots in the area. The Modern Prairie home features low horizontal exterior configurations, flat or low pitched hipped roof lines, deep overhangs and gridless, casement windows.  

Bielinski Homes Peyton 1913 Plan, Modern Prairie Style

Whatever 2021 brings us, we’re excited to face it. Here’s to another great year of home building and design. And if moving into a new home is one of your new year’s resolutions, contact a Bielinski New Home Consultant today.