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Condos: Your Rightsizing Solution

Is your house starting to feel a little too big? Have you been thinking about rightsizing into something a little more manageable? Did you know that we’ve got a solution that’s perfect for you? Bielinski Condos are the perfect solution for when the kids have moved out and you’ve suddenly got too much home. Here’s what you need to know.


Many have a preconceived notion about condominiums, but really, Bielinski Condos are just like our single-family homes. Our condos are built using the same quality construction you expect. The 8’ x 8” poured concrete foundations boast vertical and horizontal rebar for added strength. The wall systems include studs spaced at 16” on center along with applied OSB and Tyvek home wrap and high-density insulation. And the floor system consists of engineered I-joists spaced at 16” on center with OSB sheathing that’s both glued and screwed to eliminate squeaks.

And it’s not just the construction that’s the same. You can still get the privacy of a single-family home with a Bielinski Condo. Our condos have green space and decks for you to enjoy the outdoors. And our duplex options mean you only have one attached neighbor, and we even have options where you have no attached neighbors at all! Our 1,800 sq. ft. “detached” condos in Oconomowoc are basically just single-family homes that we’ve condominiumized.

Plus we’re always looking to improve comfort and convenience for our clients. Whether that’s moving inches around in our design to create flexible space elsewhere or giving you an easy path for expansion. For instance, all our condos come with full basements that include egress windows and rough plumbing so you can easily finish a lower level with an extra bedroom.

We know that it’s tough to leave behind the memories you’ve made in your home, but a Bielinski Condo is the perfect place to start making new ones, because they’re just like a single-family home.


But our condos aren’t exactly like living in a single-family home, and that’s a good thing. Imagine never having to shovel your driveway after a big snow again. And say goodbye to mowing the lawn on the hottest days of summer. What a condo provides you is stress-free living. So feel free to head towards warmer weather in the winter, or go on a cruise in the summer, we’ve got the maintenance covered. And condos are often much more accessible than single-family homes, too. In the bathroom, we offer no-step thresholds in the shower and detachable showerheads. Throughout the condo, we offer wide hallways and extra-wide doors to make mobility a breeze. And all of our condos are ranch plans so you don’t have to constantly be moving up and down the stairs.

If you’re ready to think about rightsizing, we know that a Bielinski Condo might be right for you. Contact a New Home Consultant today to learn more.