How to Style Series: Transitional Home

When I begin to select products in a home, I take a lot of inspiration from the exterior design. Certain looks just work with certain home styles. In this series of blogs, I’ll be explaining how I would go about product selection for different styles of homes, starting with Transitional.


The strength of the Transitional design is its timelessness. A transitional home takes everything we love about a traditional home and cleans it up with a contemporary touch. And that’s how you should approach your interior design. Start with a timeless foundation, and add in little contemporary pops.


Let’s start with white cabinets. What’s more timeless than that?

We’re going to pair the white cabinets with a white quartz countertop and a neutral LVP flooring.

Finish it off with a subway tile backsplash and the foundation of our design is complete.

For the exterior, we can have a little fun with the color. Maybe a darker gray. But we’re always going to come back to a timeless look with a classic pairing of white trim and white windows.

Remember that the Transitional look is a style meant to last. Don’t take too many gambles on trends or make too many bold decisions.

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