Modern barn door

3 Reasons the Modern Barn Door is so Popular

The modern sliding barn door has become a popular addition to the interior of new homes everywhere. Just look at our entry into the 2021 Parade of Homes. But what about this look made it take off? Here are three reasons why the modern barn door became popular.


One thing that is unique about a modern barn door is that it’s visually interesting. When open, it almost acts as a piece of wall decor first, and a door second. With the exposed hardware and track it can act as a focal point for a room much like a statement wall. Using a modern barn door is not just a choice of function, but of style as well.


A lot of popular home design styles embrace the modern by combining it with traditional styles, which is exactly what a modern barn door does, too. I mean, where would a modern barn door be more at home than in a modern farmhouse? The modern barn door mirrors the styles that we see trending by melding something modern and industrial with the hardware and the track with the rustic nostalgia of the barn door. This blend of new and old fits in perfectly into these trending transitional styles.


And openness when you don’t. Unlike a traditional door, an open modern barn door doesn’t take up much space. This allows rooms to open to one another creating flow in your floor plan. But as soon as you need your privacy, it can be shut. It makes your floor plan much more flexible and gives you options that fit your needs at any particular time.

Check out how we utilize the modern barn door in the home office of our 2021 Parade Home.