Interior of a master bathroom

2022 Interior Home Trends to Keep an Eye On

The start of a new year is a perfect time to sit down and take a look at where we were and where we’re headed. And though many of the trends of 2021 will continue to remain as topical as ever in 2022, there are a few new looks starting to bloom. Here’s a glance at three styles that will be big this year.


Sometimes it feels like it’s all anyone can talk about, but the world didn’t go back to “normal” last year. Who even really knows what “normal” is, anyway? Those things are out of our control. But what we do have control over is our home.

And 2021 saw a lot of folks using that power to create calming spaces in opposition to all the crazy things going on outside their door. And this trend isn’t stopping yet. Though it is evolving. We’re seeing color become more apparent, even subtly, like in 2022’s color of the year. Evergreen Fog is a serene neutral but brings forth a lot more color in its greens and blues than true neutrals that have dominated this style.

Instilling peace in your home through design is great for those of us still working from home, or those of us who just need to get away from life’s chaos. And it also provides an easy point to transition to something bolder if you ever get the itch.


Did somebody say bold? If you’ve already done the zen and are ready for a change, why not go big? Millennials especially are looking backward to move forward. And they’ve discovered the magical times of the 1980s.

The urban-industrial, glam styles of New York and London are making a comeback. Natural and rustic wood are being replaced with flat, dark metals. Crisp lines are a must. Blacks and neutrals paired with whites. It’s clean, it’s simple, and it’s in.


’80s not the decade for you? Let’s take it back a full century with New Deco. Taking inspiration from the Art Deco movement of the 1920s, the New Deco look, much like the glam-industrial look, is based on modern, straight lines.

Unlike the glam-industrial look, New Deco is bright and colorful. Vibrant colors like pinks and greens are a central piece of this style. But be very careful, a look this potent can quickly become a hodge-podge when done incorrectly. Keep things minimalistic and make sure everything in your home feels modern, too.

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