Interior design elements with warm elegance theme.

Designing with Warm Elegance

As always, design trends are changing. And like a lot of you, we’re constantly looking to improve our scenery. It’s important to declutter while keeping your home feeling like … well, home. Organic Modern is the solution.

What is Organic Modern?

This style is a softened, clean take on the mid-century modern aesthetic. It’s what I like to call “warm elegance.” It’s all about making your home cozy without the clutter. With a pop of color, a rustic edge, and minimal decor, this is a great option for someone looking to switch up their surroundings without bringing more into their home.

Color Theory

Whether you paint all of the walls a mustard yellow or feature some lavish greens, there is no way to do this technique wrong. It is all about pairing colors and textures that bring warmth into your living space.

Any shades of green are welcome, but to really get the feel for Organic Modern, you’ll want to consider mustard yellow or yellows with orange undertones. Feel free to keep the walls neutral and add in the brighter tones as accents, as well.

Make sure to mix in some neutral tones. Yellows and greens pair well with accents of white and cream. That’s right, I said white and cream. Most people are conflicted about bringing white and cream into the same room, but as long as you vary the styles, they harmonize well together.

Texturize and Be Playful

What ties any room together is the decor. Have fun with your space by layering textures and picking statement pieces.

Play around with layers. Blankets and pillows are easy to do, but don’t be afraid to get creative. Stacking asymmetrical baskets in a corner of the room can create an organic decoration –– that can also be useful. And, if your shelves or tables feel too bare, you can do the same with bowls and books. Play around with color, appearance, and even elements: like stone, metals, or marbling.

If you’re considering bringing metals into your decorating or hardware, stick to rustic elements like warm golds or bronze.

Liven Up Your Living Space

You can never go wrong with greenery. Bringing in plants is a great way to decorate your home — as long as you don’t overdo it. Trust me, buying plants can become a craze. Plants add a breath of fresh air and a statement without being overbearing. If you’re worried because you don’t have a green thumb, consider adopting some of my favorite “hard-to-kill” foliage.

  • Pathos: This ivy-like plant has a lot of draping. Bookshelves are great to emphasize the drama of these plants — anywhere they can hang to show off their vines.
  • Spider Plant: These guys are small but tall. They add height wherever necessary, without being an eyesore.
  • ZZ Plant: Wide and wild, these plants can grow about 2-3 feet wide and equally as tall. They’re a fun statement piece. If you’re still concerned with keeping plants alive, there’s nothing wrong with fake greenery. Most alternatives look so realistic guests won’t be able to spot the difference. Whatever makes you the most comfortable is the best fit for your home.

Beware of Clutter

The only way to do this aesthetic a disservice is by over-cluttering your space. Try to pull in elements that make a statement — instead of adding “more” pieces, add interesting ones.

One aspect to consider is staying away from the gallery-style wall. Find larger pieces of artwork to hang on your wall. It will still draw the eye toward the artwork, without making you feel confined. This is really about clean and deliberate decorating that makes your home feel refreshing to you.

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