Design elements with wood neutral tones

Interior Design Trends of 2023

The New Year is all about fresh beginnings, so it’s time to try something new. But knowing where to start can be difficult. That’s what we’re here for. Here are the trends that Bielinski Homes sees taking off in 2023.

Bringing the Outdoors In

Setting the stage for aesthetic trends is Japandi design. This interesting mixture of Japanese and Scandinavian styles creates the perfect minimalistic aesthetic. Think neutral tones, soft colors, and comfort.

This style is all about function and making your living space comfortable instead of just visually appealing. When deciding on focal pieces and furniture, be sure to look for soft and organic-shaped decor. Chairs with curved backrests, centerpieces circular or rounded in shape, and textures like velvet really help this style come to life. For wooden furniture or cabinets, consider dark finishings accented with warm hardware.

Close up of couch with pillows and blanket in neutral colors.

Japandi style also centers on bringing natural elements into your home. Plants are your friends. Not only does the green add some color, but plants also help create a sense of calm within living spaces. And to tie the room together, try accessorizing with reclaimed wood or stones. Place them on coffee tables, end tables, or even shelving to bring nature into your design.

Hello, Pastels

We don’t expect to say goodbye to pops of color anytime soon, but in 2023 color will be done differently. Instead of the vibrant yellows and oranges that make great accent walls, we’ll be welcoming pastels into the mix.

Lavender, peach, mauve — and especially sage — are all color options to consider when you’re styling your home this year. And don’t worry about them being “overwhelming.” With these muted, pastel tones, you get all the fun of color without the brightness taking over the entire room. Which leaves space for other design elements to become focal points.

Clean Lines and Comfort

Whether it’s hardware or furnishings, the smallest details can make a huge impact. And we’ve noticed that people gravitate toward clean lines. What exactly does that mean?

Just like with the Japandi design, we are seeing more rounded, soft shapes. Longer, linear handles that have curved edges. This isn’t a purely aesthetic decision, however. The curved edges actually provide more comfort during day-to-day use. And we all know comfort is key.

Wooden furniture with clean lines Japandi Design

Out With the Old

Trends come and go. Here are some design choices we’re bidding farewell to this year.

Traditional Boho — which incorporates macrame as well as tribal and geometric patterns — is transitioning. Boho today is an earthy, terracotta-toned style that features natural elements and uses rattan furniture thoughtfully as accent pieces.

There’s been a change in color palettes, too. We’re moving on from bright and eye-catching blues and yellows to more neutral tones. And say so long to stark white walls. Instead, shades of grays and beiges will now add warmth to the space — making it feel more inviting.

And we can’t forget about furniture. Floating shelves are being used in a new way. Instead of shelves being staggered and layered, we are now seeing just one long shelf or two shelves stacked directly above one another. This keeps your room simple, functional, uniform, and sleek.

Now that you know the ins and outs, it’s time to start designing your dream homeCheck out our floor plans here, or talk to a New Home Consultant today.