The Making of a Homemade Floor Plan (Pt. 3)

What’s in a name? All our floor plans are homemade, and that means all our floor plans’ names are thought up right here in the Bielinski office. Here’s how we do it. 


Since always. We’ve been making homemade floor plans since the very beginning, almost 60 years ago, which means we’ve been naming our own floor plans since then, too. It’s a fun way to personalize the plans and give them an identity. Plus, it’s just fun.  


Over the years, we’ve used plenty of different methods for naming our homemade floor plans. We’ve used stately English names. We’ve used congressmen who signed the Declaration of Independence. We’ve used elegant French words. Sometimes, we’ve just picked a name because it sounded right. Our latest series of homemade plans are named after the modern woman, because women are usually the decision maker when it comes to home design, and frankly, women’s names are just prettier. We chose names that are currently trending or used to be and are now back in style. 


Our ever-evolving naming process keeps our plans fresh. As soon as a naming method starts feeling worn out, we come up with something new. The name is an important part of a plan’s individuality, and gives customers insight into the feel of the home. Our homemade floor plans set us apart from other builders, and the unique names are a big part of that.

Find your perfect homemade floor plan, or just look at our homemade floor plan names, right here.