Making of a Homemade Floor Plan (PT. 5)

Much like our homemade floor plans, every single Bielinski Neighborhood is planned and named right here in our offices. But the naming process is a little different with our neighborhoods than our homes. Here’s how we do it.


It’d be easy to make up whatever name we wanted, but the wrong name would always feel off to us and probably to the residents as well. We believe it’s important to keep the name of the neighborhood rooted in the history and personality of the area. When naming a new Bielinski Neighborhood, our biggest areas of inspiration are usually the local geography and ecology. Many of our neighborhood names are feature native plant species, geographic landmarks, or defining terrain features. Sometimes the land was previously owned by a well-known family or the neighborhood has an existing street running through it. In those cases, we try to incorporate those aspects with the new name. 


Naming a neighborhood, like naming a floor plan, isn’t always a linear process. There’s no flow chart or rule book to follow. It’s a casual and organic process that happens over time. Sometimes an upcoming neighborhood will be renamed two or three times before we settle on its final name. Keeping the process flexible allows for creativity and also keeps us from forcing a “just okay” name onto a neighborhood where our residents might be spending the rest of their lives. A neighborhood’s name might seem shallow or unimportant, but the wrong name can make the most wonderful neighborhood unappealing to live in. It’s the same philosophy that we’ve always had. We spend time making every aspect of home building right for the customers, even the neighborhood names. And, yes, we know the perfect neighborhood name won’t necessarily be the main selling point on a Bielinski home, but it makes the customer experience better, so we’re going to take it seriously.   If you’re interested in building in a Bielinski Neighborhood or just curious about some of their names, click here.