Easy DIY Home Décor

Looking around your home and seeing that you’re needing some new décor? You can make it yourself. I want to share some easy do it yourself ideas that you can do at home.


Do It Yourself (DIY) can be intimidating, so it’s important to stay in your comfort zone, and it’s important to be okay with a few mess ups.  I often find that sometimes these mistakes can lead to a happy accident and I really love the piece even more. With that said, I do recommend to not dive straight in to refurnishing your coffee table or reupholstering a chair. Start simple. 


You don’t need to be classically trained in order to put paint to canvas. If you feel comfortable painting freehand, power to you, but if you don’t there are plenty of tools you can use to make it easier for you, like stencils and stickers. Plus, there are thousands of tutorials you can find along and just follow along!


Why stop at canvas? A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for almost everything in the home. Picture frames, vases, furniture. Take something you might be planning on replacing or giving away and try breathing new life into it. A new color is a great place to start, but there’s plenty of other ways to use paint. For instance, chalkboard paint is a fun way to lend a new functionality to a piece. 


Start saving your tin cans, mason jars, candle containers, and glass bottles. These items that would normally be tossed out can be up-cycled to create pots for your plants, pen holders, and counter storage in the bathroom. Decorate your recyclables with twine or paint to fit into your home style and soon you’ll have a whole set of décor you made yourself.


I incorporate a lot of DIY and crafting around my home. A lot of painted canvases hang on the wall with images and quotes. Homemade chalkboards and corkboards are installed near my desk. And I’ve made two scratching posts for my cats.The key is to have materials on hand, maybe in a tote, ready for when creative bug bites. Things like acrylic paint, puffy paint, paint pens, different types of glue, ribbon, string, twine, packing paper, can all be easy ways to start your next DIY project. Check out our Pinterest board if your home needs a little DIY love. If you’re interested in Bielinski’s latest home design, visit our Digital Design Studio or talk to one of our New Home Consultants today.