The Benefits of Smart Home Technology

Smart technology has become an important part of all of our daily lives. Here are a couple of ways Bielinski Homes can help you integrate tech into your home with these new standard features.


With WIFI connection, smart thermostats let you remotely control the temperature of your home from any device that can connect to the internet. Feeling a bit stuffy inside? Turn down the temp from the comfort of the couch. Too tired to grab an extra blanket? Turn up the heat on your phone. Plus, you’ll never have to deal with leaving your home and forgetting if you turned off the AC or heat. 


Is anyone else receiving more package deliveries these days than ever before? With a motion-activated smart doorbell, you’ll know exactly when your delivery has made it with an update and video sent straight to your phone whenever anyone comes to your door, whether you’re at home or out. A smart doorbell also doubles as a security device by recording as soon as motion is detected. 


Ever left the house, gotten to your destination, and realized you left your garage door open? It’s not a great feeling, and driving all the way home is a real pain. With a smart garage door, you can simply check on your cell phone if your garage door is open, and close it from virtually anywhere. 


We’re always looking for ways to make your home life easier, like adding more smart home technology options for home buyers. We’ve recently added smart light switches that can be programmed to turn on and off at certain times and be controlled remotely via a smart device. We’re also looking at smart technology for your water main that can detect leaks and automatically shut off your water supply to avoid damage to your home. Smart technology is the way of the future for home builders, and we’re right on the cutting edge. All of the above smart home technology has been integrated into our flagship model home in Franklin. You can visit this model home in Franklin and test out the technology for yourself. If you want to save time, save energy, and save money with smart home technology options in your next home, talk to a Bielinski New Home Consultant today to get started.