Design elements with wood neutral tones

Tips for Stress-Free Design

Your home should be your place of zen. But sometimes choices made when building can lead to headaches in the future. Here are some design tips to make sure your home is always a place of comfort and relaxation. 



The best part of building a home is that you can treat those future headaches immediately. By being able to customize your home to your liking, you’ll know that you’ll never be stressed by a misplaced outlet or inconvenient switch.

For instance, we don’t know how you’re going to furnish your home. How could we? So we start out by placing most outlets to code. But that might mean your bedside outlet may not be placed conveniently behind your night stand. Luckily for you, we’re pretty flexible folks. If you have an idea of how you’re going to place your furniture, we can work together to make sure light switches, outlets, and all the other small details are easily accessible and convenient for you. 


I know, I know. We’ve talked about it a lot. But the world has changed. And our homes have evolved because of it. And a lot of those evolutions are designed to make your (new) life a little easier. 

Let’s imagine you’re a big online shopper now (or a bigger online shopper). You get packages delivered most days. Where does it all go? By choosing a Bielinski plan with a mudroom, you can use the extra storage and space to act as a staging area for all of your parcels.

And what about the new prevalence of remote work? Many of our floor plans now offer a home office. And if you don’t need a dedicated home office, we also offer built-in workstations in the home where you can set up your laptop and fire off some emails. 

So make sure your home accommodates your new lifestyle when you’re building, or else be prepared to take work calls in the master closet. 


Sometimes the easiest way to kick your home stress to the curb is by product selection alone. A lot of materials that you might want in your home can also come with a lot of maintenance. 

Hardwood floors are something we see on a lot of wishlists. But if you have pets or kids (or pets AND kids) then hardwood is going to become a hassle fast. Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring allows you to get the same look without the worry. LVP is ultra-durable and easily cleaned so claw marks and juice stains will never be an issue.

The same goes for the exterior of your home. Traditional cedar trim can be fussy. That’s why we use MiraTEC®, a composite product that looks natural, but will hold up to weather better and doesn’t need to be repainted as often as cedar. Choosing cement board or vinyl siding are two more great ways of reducing maintenance without sacrificing looks. 

If you’re ready to build a home that’s conducive to a stress-free life, contact the New Home Consultants at Bielinski today and get started.