Preparing for Winter

Love it or hate it, Wisconsin winters can be harsh, Wind, snow, sleet, hail, and subzero temperatures are definitely not the most ideal conditions for the health of your home. But a little preparation in fall means you won’t be scrambling around in the cold. Here are some tips for getting your home prepared for winter.


Tune up your furnace. I know we say it every year and we’re probably sounding like a broken record, but better a broken record than a broken furnace. Bring in an expert to check out your furnace before it starts getting cold, change your furnace filter, and give it a test.

The very last thing you need is no heat in the middle of a polar vortex.


Some people might be dreaming of a white Christmas, but your roof definitely isn’t. Winter weather can be damaging to your roof and gutters. Melting snow can refreeze, creating ice dams that block proper drainage and just get bigger and bigger. This can lead to shingle damage, leaks, and giant icicles.

The best and safest way to keep your eaves clear and drainage flowing is to purchase a roof rake. A roof rake allows you to remove snow and debris from your roof without ever leaving the ground. There’s no best time to have roof problems, but there is a worst time: in the middle of winter. A simple roof rake is a good preventative tool to keep your roof in good shape.


Taking care of your driveway is a tricky thing during a Wisconsin winter. Excessive use of de-icing agents can cause damage to concrete, but sometimes they’re necessary. Just remember to use them in moderation, or your driveway will start to show signs of damage.

Last year, many hardware stores ran out of de-icing agents, which left a lot of Wisconsinites with icy driveways and nothing to fix it. Remember to plan ahead by stocking up on salt early, before your driveway turns into an ice rink.

Winter can be tough on homes, especially if your floor plan isn’t made with Wisconsin in mind. Every single homemade Bielinski floor plan is designed in-house and is made to stand up to Wisconsin winters. To check out our plans, head here. For more fall maintenance tips, head here.