Ask a Bielinski Homes Customer: Luxury Vinyl Plank

We’ve been using luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring in our homes for a while now, and our customers are loving it. In fact, we recently had a conversation with a customer who chose LVP in their new Bielinski Home about their experience so far. Here’s what Jordan had to say.

What made you choose LVP for your home’s flooring? Was it a design choice, a function choice, a lifestyle choice, or something else?

Prior homes that we owned and apartments we lived in exposed us to pretty much every flooring product available on the market. We were able to weigh all the pros and cons of each flooring option and easily settled on LVP. While no flooring product out there is indestructible, LVP comes close. It’s durable (especially for those with pets), it’s waterproof, and it’s easy to maintain. Plus it comes in a wide array of color and pattern options, so it was an easy choice for us.

What do you prefer about your LVP flooring compared to other home flooring options you have had in the past?

We had real wood floors in our two prior homes. We are meticulous about maintenance and cleaning, and even we found wood floors weren’t forgiving to the daily demands of life. LVP is extremely durable and waterproof while still being soft and warm underfoot, plus the maintenance is a breeze.

How is it to clean and care for your LVP flooring?

Easy. Here are some tips: make sure all of your furniture has appropriate felt pads on the feet, use suitable rug pads for area rugs, and clean with a microfiber pad or cloth using one of the many available cleaning solutions formulated for LVP.

Have you been satisfied with the LVP in your home? Would you recommend LVP flooring to others?

We love it – we wouldn’t even hesitate.

Want to view LVP flooring options we have to offer? Visit the Digital Design Studio here to see all your options. If you’re thinking about your next home and want options like LVP that make your life easier, contact us today.