What Siding is Right for You?

We offer two options when it comes to siding. Simple choice right? Well, it is if you’re well informed. Here are the differences between vinyl and cement board siding, and how you can determine which option is best for your lifestyle, your budget, and your home. 


Vinyl siding has two main benefits when compared to cement board: it’s easier to maintain, and it’s easier on your budget. For maintenance, just break out the power washer every couple of years. Really, that’s it. Vinyl doesn’t need to be repainted. It’s not even painted in the first place! It’s very low-maintenance. Which is one of the reasons it’s also a great choice financially. Not only do you save money by choosing vinyl, but you also save money on maintenance costs.

Vinyl is also lightweight, making it incredibly easy to install and replace, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t durable. Vinyl is made out of durable PVC plastic resin means vinyl is water repellent and won’t rust, warp, dent, rot, or chip. Now that’s not saying it’s indestructible. A big hail storm or a foul ball could leave you with dents or cracks. But luckily, a damaged panel of vinyl siding is easily replaced.

And you have plenty of options when it comes to color, including the bolder colors that we see becoming more popular these days. Unfortunately, after five to ten years of exposure, vinyl can begin to fade from the sun.Overall, vinyl is budget-friendly, durable for the price, and extremely low-maintenance.


Cement board is the more expensive option and is considered an upgrade on a Bielinski home. But there are plenty of reasons for that. Firstly, it is extremely durable and even includes a 50-year warranty. Secondly, it looks amazing. It looks more natural than vinyl, and because of that, in some premier neighborhoods, cement board is required. 

But it also weighs almost five times more than vinyl, meaning longer and more intense installation which translates into a higher price. It also requires more maintenance, having to be periodically caulked and repainted, which also will cost you in the long run.

Overall, cement board can look better and hold up longer than vinyl siding, but costs more.

So now that you’ve got the information, are you ready to start on your next home? Talk to a New Home Consultant today and take that next step.