Designer Tips on Window Colors

We spoke with Bielinski Homes designer, Rebecca Wardon, and she clued us in on a trendy tip to give your home a little somethin’ somethin’. Window manufacturers have a lot more color options than your normal white and tan. Take a risk and choose something a little more bold. Like the black in our 2015 Clemont Parade of Homes entry. Or the bronze like our 2016 Verona Parade of Homes entry!

We followed up with a few questions for Rebecca.

What are the best color combinations for window trim and window unit colors?

Well one needs to be the star, so you would at least want contrasting colors. Preferred is a darker window for that real character, so I would go lighter in color for the trim. The most common one is a white trim and black window.

What color window goes best with a brightly colored home?

When you say bright, I think of blues. In that case, I like white windows — that would really pop against the blue siding!

What color window goes best with a neutral colored home?

With a neutral color siding to a home, you can venture out more with the window color if you are looking to add visual character. Black windows can work with a cool neutral or a warm neutral siding color. The darker brown window options I would keep paired with the warmer neutrals in siding color.

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