A new condo from Bielinski homes is modern and spacious. It includes accessible design features for comfortable living.

Live Comfortably in Your New Condo with Home Accessibility Features

Is my home too big now that the kids have left the nest? Will I still be able to climb the stairs in five or ten years? How am I going to shovel the sidewalks or mow the lawn?

For many people of a certain age, these are questions they have to ask. But there are ways to have comfort and accessibility at home. You should never feel like your home is working against you.

That’s why Bielinski Homes offers home accessibility features in all of our condominiums.  Home accessibility features are design aspects that make day-to-day life safer and more comfortable. So our customers have peace of mind knowing that their home fits their life today and in the future.

It Started with a Single Step

Our accessibility journey started with a single step — literally. The first home accessibility feature Bielinski Homes introduced to our condos was the no-step entry from the garage.

We realized that our customers needed homes that reflected their stage of life. Condo design hadn’t evolved much through the 80s and 90s. Not much thought was given to how design could be utilized to make it easier for condo owners to comfortably age and have reasonable accessibility at home.

The no-step entry is one of the more simple accessible home features, but an important one. Really, what’s more important than being able to enter your home?

Since then, Bielinski Homes has implemented many other home accessibility features such as:

  • Wide hallways
  • Wide doorways
  • Levered passage door handles
  • Wheelchair radius in the primary bathroom
  • Low-threshold showers
  • Grab bars
  • Shower benches
  • Detachable shower heads
  • Comfort-height toilets with elongated bowls

While many of these features seem minor, they become major improvements for people who need them. Think of how often you open and close doors in your home. Now imagine that it was a struggle every single time. This goes for everything from walking down hallways to using the bathroom. These features allow you to feel comfortable at any age and have more accessibility at home.

Live Smarter

Smart home technology isn’t often thought of as a home accessibility feature, but it checks all the boxes. Smart doorbells allow you to answer the door without even getting up. Smart switches allow you to turn on the lights without worrying about stumbling in the dark. Smart assistant devices allow you to make calls if you aren’t able to reach your phone. Like all our other home accessibility features, smart home technology can make your life more comfortable.

Bielinski Homes offers these smart options, some included some as options, in their condos:

  • Smart thermostat
  • Video doorbell
  • Smart front door lock
  • Smart garage door
  • Smart light switches

Plus, every new Bielinski homeowner receives a smart assistant device as a closing gift.

Growing Demand

The demand for home accessibility features is growing as the Baby Boomer generation ages. Customers aren’t only thinking about what they need right now, but what they might need in the future. If you decide to right-size into a condo, the last thing you want to do is move again in a few years because your home wasn’t designed with accessibility in mind.

And with the growing demand for home accessibility features comes innovation and evolution. At Bielinski Homes, we’re always looking for the newest ideas and listening to our customers’ needs. Accessibility is ever-changing, and just as we took that first step years ago, Bielinski Homes continues to look forward as we build homes that fit our customers’ lives.

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