Decorating Your Home for Fall

Our very own design expert, Rebecca Wardon, sits down to talk seasonal style and decorating for fall.

Are there any easy changes you can do to make your home feel more autumnal?

Just because the season’s changing doesn’t mean your whole style has to change. A few simple adjustments will have your home looking and feeling ready for the new season.

A great way to start is by updating your decorative plants, both inside and outside. Fall flowers, like mums, are perfect for the season. Autumn colors like warm oranges and deep yellows will really make the difference.

You can also update your blankets, comforters, and decorative pillows to quickly and easily welcome the new season in style. Incorporate thicker materials, heavier textures, and autumnal imagery and your home will be feeling cozier in no time.

Are these tips only specific to certain styles? Which styles work best? Which styles don’t?

The great thing about easy changes like this is that they’re definitely not style-specific. No one wants to do a total design overhaul four times a year. Focusing on updating small accents and décor is the perfect way to change the seasonal feel of your home without headache or wallet- ache.

When’s a good time of year to transition to fall décor? How can I make that transition feel natural?

Mid-September feels like a great time to start adding fall décor, right before the first day of autumn. The best way to make it feel natural is by transitioning slowly. Start with small things, like flowers and decorative pillows. Save the blankets and comforters for when the weather changes. Really just play it by ear; when it starts feeling like fall, go for it.Check back with our blog for more design inspo every month!