June Inspo

Did you know that all of our floor plans are made in-house? Here’s how Frank, Steve, and I approach the design process.Let me preface this all by saying that even though it starts and ends with us three, there’s a dedicated support staff that help us throughout the process. Without them, we’d never be able to design our own homemade plans.


It begins with Frank. He brings nearly 60 years of home design and construction knowledge to the table. He’s basically been doing it since he was born. As a trained carpenter, Frank understands best practices for home construction better than anyone.While some ideas can be breathtaking conceptually, they won’t work practically. Frank understands what works and brings it to life. I’ve never met anyone who can see a flaw in a plan and sketch an improved layout better than Frank. Oh, and he does it in perfect scale… freehand. 


I’m the lifestyle guru. I stay on top of trends and the changing needs of the modern family. Different family structures have different needs, and it’s up to me to listen to our customers’ feedback and pay attention to evolving family dynamics. There are lifestyle signals going off around me all day, every day. I’m always paying attention, and I’m always listening. 


Steve is our control. When it comes to cost, he’s the hammer. He has a knack for taking our grandiose ideas and making them work in fiscal reality. Steve sees plans in dollar amounts, and knows every single cost of every single detail of every single home we design.Steve’s real specialty is saving our customers money without cutting corners. He makes sure Bielinski homes are both affordable and well-crafted. 


Even though we have our own areas of expertise, it’s always a collaboration for us. None of our specialties can function independently of one another. That’s why we come together every week, sometimes two or three times a week, to review together. And we don’t always agree on everything. Luckily, with an odd number, the majority rules, and we’re okay with that. We know that a healthy discussion only makes our plans better.It’s an ongoing process that never ends. Each of our home plans is on a continual journey of evolution and improvement as technologies, culture, and the needs of Wisconsin families change. 


My father used to tell me that homebuilding is in our blood. We make homemade floor plans because that’s just what we do. It comes natural to us. We live it. We breathe it. We dream about it. We’ve always designed homemade floor plans created specifically for Wisconsin families and their unique needs. It’s a family thing that’s been handed down for generations starting with my great grandfather, then my grandfather, then my aunts and uncles, and now me and my cousins. At Bielinski Homes, we’re always going to design our own plans. Are you looking for a plan perfectly suited to your life? Start right here.