How to Prepare for Your Design Studio Meeting

You’ve picked your plan. You’ve found your lot. You’re ready to build. It’s time to get with the experts in the Bielinski Design Studio and bring your vision to life. It’s one of the most exciting parts of the building process, but it can be overwhelming to some. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your Design Studio meeting.THE SMALL STUFF

In the Design Studio, we make some big decisions. But a lot of times it’s the little decisions that can cause hangups. A question as small as, “Where should the light switch go?” can seem innocuous, but a misplaced light switch might drive you crazy for years to come. 

So it might not seem like outlet placement is on the same level of importance as choosing your countertops, but when you go to plug in a lamp and realize you can’t, you might change your tune. The best way to make sure the little things don’t become a problem down the line is to really get to know your floor plan. Try to envision where you’ll be placing your furniture, how you’ll be utilizing different spaces, and even how you will move through the completed home. All of this will help you make those small decisions confidently. 


But picturing a home that hasn’t even been built just by looking at a blueprint can be intimidating to some. Lucky for you, it has been built, and you can visit it in person. Almost all of our floor plans are available to visit as RediHomes®  or model homes.This gives you a chance to walk through your future home and take note of things you like and things you’d like to change before it even exists! And it doesn’t even have to be your exact floor plan. Visiting any Bielinski home will help give you an idea of what you can expect when it’s time to make decisions in the Design Studio.Another tip I like to give new customers is to take a drive around a Bielinski neighborhood. It’s a great way to get inspiration for your exterior design choices. See something you like? Write down the address, we can look it up in our database and find out exactly what it is you liked so much.


We also offer some great software to help you get the ball rolling with your design. Both the Digital Design Studio and the Room Visualizer are online tools that can be accessed right in your browser. Using this technology you can play with different materials, colors, and products in some of the most important rooms in the home, like the kitchen. These tools can help you get a baseline idea of the options we offer and how you’d like to design your home before even stepping foot into the Design Studio.


Whether it’s a mood board, a scrapbook, a post on Pinterest, or a page torn out of Architectural Digest, inspiration helps me guide you in the right direction when you come into the Design Studio. Nowadays, it’s super easy to create an album of inspiration right on your phone or tablet. And it makes the process a lot easier for everyone. With the amount of product selections we offer, we’re sure to create the perfect look to match your inspiration. If you’re ready to get into the Design Studio and bring your “New Home” Pinterest board to life, talk with a Bielinski New Home Consultant today.