The Evolution of the Farmhouse Trend

One of the biggest trends we’re seeing in the world of home design is the modernization of classic styles. Nowhere is it more evident than the popularity of the modern farmhouse look. 


Before we can talk about the modern farmhouse, we have to talk about where it all began. The traditional farmhouse style has a handful of trademark elements. One main aspect is the use of natural wood. You’ll find elements of natural wood flooring, paneling, and beams in a traditional farmhouse. The style features porcelain apron sinks, vintage furniture, and traditional fabrics and patterns like paisley and floral.


The modern farmhouse is centered around that same main element: wood. However, the wood floors are now often Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) for durability and easy cleaning, and the rustic wood cabinets of the past have become sleek and modern.
The cabinetry isn’t the only thing that has become sleek. Almost all the lines of the home have been modernized. From the cabinet design, handles, and pulls, to geometric backsplashes and large, smooth counters. We also see homages to the traditional patterns and fabrics of the original farmhouse design in ornately painted ceramic tiles in the modern farmhouse bathroom and fireplace. Our lives have become more casual over the years, and the modern farmhouse style reflects that. It combines a cozy, casual feeling with an elevated elegance.


Designing all our Bielinski floor plans right here in our office allows us to be constantly evolving all of our styles, not just the modern farmhouse. In today’s environment that means open-concept design, fewer formal areas, more work areas, and larger mudrooms. You will also see that more casual atmosphere with a touch of sophistication throughout the design and styling of our homes.

If you want to see more modern farmhouse trends, check out our Pinterest board for inspiration. Explore our unique floor plans designed for the modern Wisconsin homeowner right here on the website, or contact a New Home Consultant to learn more.