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Interior Design

What Type of Flooring is Right for You?

When building a home, the toughest decisions can be right under your nose... or your feet, rather. We're talking about flooring. Do you go with hardwood? Luxury vinyl plank? Carpet? Tile? We're here to help. Here's what you need to know about flooring.

Smart Tech For a Smarter Home

Smart home technology is anything but a flash in the pan, and it's only getting smarter. Here's how we incorporate smart home tech into new Bielinski homes in order to make your life easier, safer, and greener.

Say Goodbye to Dining Rooms

The days of the formal dining room are over. And, to be fair, it's typically a room that only gets used once or twice a year. But what's taking its place? Read on to learn why the dining room is disappearing and some ways that new home design is dealing with it.

Your Primary Bathroom Deserves More

Your primary bathroom is the most important room to invest in, outside of the kitchen. A modern primary bathroom will improve your home’s resale value. Here are some great options if you’re looking to add a little luxury to your bathroom.