3 Scariest Things About Owning a Home

Owning a home is both one of the most frightening and one of the greatest adventures in life. We talked to three Wisconsin homeowners and asked them, “What’s the scariest part, and what’s the best part of homeownership?”

Alexis – Homeowner for 1.5 year

“I’m worried about becoming a pack rat. With all the extra space and storage, it’s just so easy to say, ‘Oh, we’ll throw it in the garage,’ or ‘We’ll throw it in the basement.’”

“On the other hand, the extra space is probably my favorite thing about owning a home. And not just the storage space. Now I’ve got room for my sewing and my crafts, and my husband has his workbench. Plus, all the added space if perfect for our growing family. And you can’t forget how nice it is finally having a backyard!”

Jake – Homeowner for 4 years

“I don’t know if scariest is the right word, but one of the most daunting things about owning a home is keeping up with maintenance. It can be a challenge to learn about what needs to get done on a regular basis to keep my home in great shape. I guess the challenge makes it a little fun, too.”

“The best thing about owning a home is knowing you’re paying toward something. If you buy within your means, then every payment is an investment. Compared to when we used to rent and every payment was just an expense. It’s a pretty good feeling knowing that.”

Janell – Homeowner for 10 years

“The scariest thing about home ownership for me is definitely the things outside of my control: fires, floods, tornadoes, alien invasions, you name it.”

“The absolute greatest thing about being a homeowner is the freedom to do whatever you want. Whether that’s changing the colors or doing some landscaping, the buck stops with you. That sort of independence to live the way you want, in the space that you want, is what turns a house into a home.”

Sure, owning a home can be a rollercoaster, but finding the right home is worth it. To find a place to call your own, start by checking out our model homes. And to learn what being a homeowner really means, call a Bielinski Homes expert at (262) 542-9494.