Childproofing Your Home

What’s scarier than being a new homeowner? How about being a new parent? Start preparing your new home for your newborn with these easy tips. 


Make sure your crib is up to modern safety standards as well as away from windows. And make sure those windows have window guards in them. Bedrooms and nurseries should have little to no electrical cords.
If necessary, make sure that they’re out of the way and properly secured. Also, make it comfortable for you. You’re gonna be spending a lot of sleepless nights here.


Lock everything. Every cabinet, drawer, pantry, garbage can, etc. The last thing you want is your young child getting somewhere they should not be.
Go as far as getting a safety cover for your garbage disposal, and caps for your stove knobs. Your tiny human tornado will try to get into anything and everything. It’s your job to stop that.


The bathroom is another area of the home where cabinets and drawers must be locked. And that’s including the toilet. Use safety latches to secure the lid. Just be sure to remember you’ve installed them.
We also recommend anti-scald devices for your water to make sure it’s never dangerously hot. Bath time is hard enough without injuries.


Remember the classics. Baby gates to contain your little disaster (especially blocking off access to staircases). Cover edges and corners with bumpers. Cover unused electrical outlets, and keep the kid’s access to outlets and cords as minimal as possible.
And of course remember, none of this is a substitute for parental supervision. Keeping a watchful eye on your mini-me is the best childproofing there is.
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